Monday, February 4, 2013

advice from her sister.

Wedding day.  Does anyone know what that means? Preparations, plans, pictures, party, photographer, pianist, presents, permit, people, pinterest… The list will go on even after you marry of the woulda, coulda, shouldas. Keep that future list small—know you had it ALL at the time—your time. February 9th.

People will gather, food everywhere, plenty of small talk, plenty adjusting, plenty of tears. Busy week, busy last minutes, busy arranging, busy comprising, busy sacrificing, busy noises.

And then.

There is nothing else that matters. The unmatched dress, the kids misbehaving, the late arrivals, the abnormal weather, the blisters, the uninvited guest, the loose hair….the worries disappear.

People will think they went unnoticed, but you will remember every person that shared your time with you.  You know I’m all about the pictures, but this time, your camera and expensive lens is your mind. Stop. Deep Breath. And take all the mental pictures you can. Step out of the scene and look down on your day. You’ll always remember the feelings and they will be happy.  But make those moments because the day will go by fast, just like all the other best ones.

Feel Beautiful.

 You’ll be prettier than other days—the glow. Walk a little taller, smile a little brighter, laugh a little louder…Mainly because you caught a glimpse of him. Across the room maybe, talking to someone he doesn’t even know.  He will look different to you and you will feel different.  

It's over.
But not really.

 Is it too clich√© to say that it’s just begun? A whole life of unknowns and risks, ups and downs, successes and disappointments, empty wallets and full planners. It’s the small things that will keep you going. Always do the small things.

An excerpt for you from an older post

We have always been best friends, we're h i l a r i o u s together-- nothing seems to stop us- except for mom, or dad when mom tells him to- or our brother parker who has a really strong habit of being annoying. We are sisters in every sense of the word- and i love her, i miss her dearly, and i want her to know that she can do anything she wants to- because she can. She will change the w o r l d for she has changed mine- and will continue to forever. This is a tribute for her potential- it seems to get bigger with every wake-up.

love for always,
             your big sis

Keep it real and have a blast on your wedding day Kristen. It will be a weekend to remember. Never a dull moment with the Bronson Bunch! Can't wait