Sunday, January 20, 2013


It's been very busy here at the schramm shack.  We have spent most of our free time out with our Realtor on a roller coaster full of emotions.  I must say that we have felt the disappointment that comes with not getting the house we wanted-- someone beat us to the punch.  It felt awful as if the house broke up with us and we didn't know how to cope.  We've been back to square one multiple times but we're definitely not giving up.  Pros and cons to every find but there is always that house that when you left it-- you wish you didn't have to. still looking for it. But we're pretty close.  

We will be very busy the next couple months-- i have two trips to utah in the next couple weeks and then we will be going to Italy the first of March.  Exciting times!  Pictured below are some of our experiences the last month in various forms of quality and resolution.  

our favorite things this month:
1. Diet Dr. Peppers from McDonalds
2. Watching netflix at Mcdonald's parking lot because our internet has been down. high rollers.
3. Church Ball
4. Walking through houses
5. Photobooth on calv's ipad-- i have no idea why this hasn't gotten old but i am seriously the master of ugliness on that thing.
6. Date nights with John and Sarah
7. The freak out when it was supposed to snow here-- it was non existent! it was the first time i actually wanted snow so these Charloteers wouldn't be disappointed. 
8. Chilling at parks and laying under the blue Carolina sky
9. taking 4 separate trips to find a dress for my work party.  My limiting criteria was sleeves and past my knees so my white legs would be covered.  This narrowed my search more than I ever thought possible. calv's got all the food courts in charlotte down.
10. I revert to that of an awkward high schooler when everyone at my work party was drinking. Calvin and I just danced the night away on the floor and probably had more fun then all of them. good times good times. #blisters

pictured above--
1. birding brigade 2013
2. Sophie
3. Dolphin dip crowd at topsoil island
4. me

pictured above. 

1. Me and my hott date
2.3.4 Me looking the same in every picture with some great ladies from work

Pictured above
1. Chillin at the park on a warm sunny day
2. Calvin sleeping on that warm sunny day
3. Me taking a snapshot at the perfect moment while Calvin got pooped on by a bird.
4. A cliche instagram pic of my shoes.

Have a wonderful week!
love for always,

 the schramms