Tuesday, January 17, 2012





I went to st george this weekend to wish my good friend carly vanderhorst off to her mission in africa. she's amazing. it's crazy what about 10 degrees can do. i feel like going back this weekend just to get another glimpse of sun. calv and i were apart for about two days and it felt like 2 weeks! bffs ya know.

the winter semester is good, but dang january is a long month. i've been thinking a lot of how important history is lately. i here sit day to day, to be a memory for future generations-- this is not depressing, but amazing. gives me a desire to make the most of each day and not only do that, but care enough for the future to document it...just like those before did for me. time is such an abstraction and i'm sure you can relate on how fast time goes. (but really i know it's going faster :). i remember getting 'red square' during recess and telling myself that:

if i don't remember anything from 3rd grade that i need to remember that ms. timmerman thought i was making fun of eric, but it was really amanda.

it was really important that i remembered that that day...good thing i did cause it's changed my life immensely! haha. life is in the details and if we don't write them down we might forget!

hopefully this last semester of college i'll remember to write down and document more of the details.

loves for always,

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