Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Halloween is awesome. mainly if you are like 3-14, 14-17, (the too 'cool' teenage age but still want candy), or have kids that think everything is awesome.

Calvin and I don't really fit into that so most of the weekend was saying..."ya that would be a cool costume"..with absolutely no desire to dress up or go to any Halloween parties. I heard this girl on campus talking about how she hates Halloween in Provo because it's an excuse for girls to dress nasty...after over hearing her i looked around on campus and saw a pink power ranger (fully dressed)...raggedy ann (also fully dressed) a person with a multi colored sash (not sure if it was her everyday get up or what) and a tigger no nasty costumes here this year ;)

Calvin was going to be the injured ALL-state spokesperson and i was going to be the hott babe jogging..but i realized they are the same person again. The coulda shoulda woulda was the extent of our costumes.

Anyway it was fun for us to spend the night with the infamous Ben Schramm Family. Usually i like to go home and spend it in Boise cause i have a lot of younger siblings who i get to steal candy from. Good thing i still got to this year.

It looks like winter has officially come. how depressing. I'm going to make a list of ideas to keep me happy and active these next, long, winter months--instead of hibernating like I feel like doing. Ideas and suggestions are welcome!

"Bitter cold
autumn wind -
shivering lips."
- Michael P. Garofalo, Cuttings