Friday, April 8, 2011

For reals.

1. Will i ever try the new trend of the middle part? doubtfully. I still give jennifer anniston the only thumbs up for this.
2. I said a cuss word in my head yesterday when i lost at a game on my phone. that means. it's just gone waaaaaay too far. sorry mom. if my phone didn't glich then i wouldn't have lost. Plus high scores with only yourself on all 10 of them...get me really competitive...against myself.
3. barnes and noble trip this week. i seriously have to be lured away from that store. the 7 dollar bookmarks did that for me. I often find myself saying with everyones boutique type of style...i can make that at home and charge myself 10 cents. Maybe i'll challenge myself to that sometime.
4. since I haven't colored my hair in 6 months. I treated myself to a good shampoo. Herbal essences was just making me more insecure about my 3 inch roots. People tell me it's's just not if youre not doing it on purpose.
5. NC in seriously 2 weeks. Pretty exciting. The first day i get there i'm just going to sit down. and enjoy the weather. that's probably it. 18 credits and 24 hours of work for2 years straight- i can take a rest.
6. May Pia and Courtney hate american idol and biggest loser this week like i do.
7. A smile can go a looooong way with my wardrobe. i should do that more.
8. Going to good boise for the last time in 5 months. worse going to see my family for the last time in 5's hard when my family is still so young. love those guys.
9. Congrats broski jeff on graduating this weekend. Dad is going to pee his pants saying that he has a child that graduated from college. will i ever see that day? i hope you laugh hard at the card i sent.
10. Bread- baby i'm a want you
11. worst time of the semester is emptying my backpack and my stash of candy wrappers. I can go through all of the seasons and holidays with them. halloween candy wrappers, reeses christmas trees, cadbury eggs. depressing. and liberating.
12. on my mind- donavon frankenreiter. broken social scene- lover's spit and pitter patter goes my heart.
13. I like people that take pictures no better or worse than they experienced those moments. you can just tell.
14. have a wonderful weekend- good enough to fill up a journal entry, i know i will...a couple pics that made me happy while stalking other people's i got to stop doing that.

ps..reba - do you really think your cover of 'if i were a boy' by beyonce was ok to publicly show? wow...and did you even ask her...
ps. i love brittany spears song dancing till the world ends. not a wholesome vid...but love the song...i can dance to it for hours. now reba on the other hand? that seemed almost like a joke. you were joking right? ok good. golden. phew.