Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Nothing describes my happenings much better than a hefty list. Ok maybe an emotionally pact poem. But here goes everything.

~Readers everywhere. Sunday birthdays aren’t so bad these days. When I was 8 and 15 and had a Sunday birthday it was social sadness. Now I just celebrated Saturday and Sunday. The material goodness and the relaxing goodness. Not bad.

~For the Love..are you kidding me CPK. We were gone for 5 minutes and you took my bday leftovers (leftovers for Sunday) even worse. Sorry I left them. And sorry I thought you were worth it. AND I didn’t even tell you it was my birthday.

~3 hours of shopping on Saturday…hands empty. Shopping for the 3 worst things will do that to you: bathing suits, church shoes, jeans.

~This morning: Calvin’s half of the bed is perfectly made. Mine isn’t.

~Van ride to SLC last night for a mock trial at the courthouse. Field Trips didn’t stop in 5th grade after all. Lawyers in training- I felt for you. Good jobs.

~Watching family dog Maggie while the family is at the beach house in Newport. No need to tell me I’m lucky.

~ The orange flavored vita gummies (the vitamin C ones) are dangerous. I can eat them like they’re fruit bites. Restraint every morning but I do look forward to the measly 2.

~If it’s in front of me. I’ll probably eat it.

~Calv’s greatest groceries from this week: Cracked pepper and olive oil triscuits and cheez its duos.

~Seriously only 2 more weeks of school and then finals. And that means only 3 more weeks of work. Then off to NC for the summer.

Like always,

May we think more of our worth then the day before. May we stand a little bit taller when approaching the unknown. May we ever look at people as if their thoughts were far from the scope of our understanding. And may we give those closest the benefit of all situations.

"Spiritual self-esteem begins with the realization that each new morning is a gift from God. Even the air we breathe is a loving loan from him. He preserves us from day to day and supports us from one moment to another.” Russel M. Nelson

Love for always,


ps. Smile one more time today. For kicks and giggles.