Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hey mom-- a couple of things

1.Beyonce...I don't need to wish I were a boy-- i need to get to my homework- but keep doin' your thang
2. A heavy back pack and a hurry to school on a bike don't go together- especially uphill-
3. My plastic, polly pocket tennis racquet that i rented at byu (cause i left mine at home) made me look like a loser today in my tennis class-- dang
4. Cookies n' Cream Chocolate milk in the byu vending machines is worth 600 calories
5. Skirts and bikes (wellllllll) i hope nobody saw that's all i'm sayin'
6. So happy about my bsu shirt to support my home football team-- too bad i was trapped in class all day and couldn't show it off
7. so sad that hailey broke her foot-- first of us bronsons to do so--
8. i eat jif peanut butter a lot now- never knew it was so good
9. School is harrrrrrrrrrrddddd all 18 credits worth
10. I hid 6 times behind different things today to try and figure out how to get on my bike with my mtc skirt-- i embarrassed myself in front of no one
11 i love eating pringle crumbs --
12. peace, love, and chocolate rocks from winco
13. hope dad is having a blast in india-- hope he brings me something
14. Tell Parker to drive here and give me my tennis racquet- ya mvp

love for always,

Heres for Hailey's foot :(
boots a top a parking garage

cuties in the kitchen

a tribute to a broken foot

a cuter tribute to a broken foot

Hailey Paige and Maggie

Man-- I just miss my family or something
Hugs and kisses for a happy tomorrow
Calvin Schramm is my forever