Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My List this Week--

1. I wish i stole more of my Sees candies favors at my wedding-- Milk Bordeaux- Sees-- (will make a heart broken soul smile) -yes still thinking about it 2 months later
2. Dinner with the parents-- good..California Pizza Kitchen-- Thai Salad Crunch is my next menu item--since my mom would've enjoyed me doing that this time...
3. Sis is starting Utah State---she's way too young- next post will be a tribute to that gal
4. I was jealous of the Relief Society pianist- i just am craving some piano time
5. Zucchinis are actually pretty good
6. School starts on Monday-- um
7. I spent 60.00 on the dot at Macey's grocery store- and that was my budget that week-- i told everyone around -- the cashier seemed really impressed
9. I love Just Bunches Cereal-- what a good idea-- the best part of honey bunches of oats all in one box-- now they need to do that with like trail mix
10. Calvin and I hiked timp like a week and a half ago-- i will drag this news out as long as i feel necessary
11. I need to write an eleventh because i noticed #6 wasn't that good ......so....if you want a good time-- The Cosby Show- i feel, is inspiring.

I'm going to let those i come in contact with tomorrow feel the vibe of my love for living