Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sundays are great days...and also weekends are great days too-- they go by sooo fast though. A couple of thoughts for the deep thinkers.
1. Slow trucks aren't fast enough to pass other slow trucks- spread the word
2. Construction on utah freeways are ridiculous-- let's redo the world in one month why don't we.
3. If you want to hike Mnt. Timp.-- don't wry, i did it for you so your body will be spared (jk it's a blast but on the tougher side)
4. I want to wear hats more
5. I forgot how to get popular in school- and my school has 30 000 -- it's TOUGH
6. I forget how fun coloring is- and i need a new art set.
7. Write a letter today-- it's true fulfillment
8. Ashley Olsen and I need to be best friends still
9. Highlight of the week- some good grocery shopping time ( don't invite me to go because i always take forever)
10. Black sparkle nail polish-so hott right now
11. The electronic 20 questions game is amazing- it even guessed bra and

So- let us go take on the week- from the wise words of dr. laura.

Another thing i was thinking about today was that sometimes you just need to get up and do things, and go where you are invited. I have realized i have probably missed out on a lot of cool things just because my bed got the rsvp. So instead of giving in to my lazy side i'm going to try and "take on the day" a little more. Making memories is what life seems to be all about, and i like that. I am going to think about something adventurous to work toward- that will be good for me-- and let me tell you doesn't start with the letter H and end with iking Timpanogos. ha

love for always,
may we smile a little more today