Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Hey mom,

I can't believe how busy I still am when my responsibilities seemed to have died down. I mean i'm not in school so what the heck am i stressed about...i remember thinking (everytime when i'm in school)- there is no way that life can be stressful in the summer-- there is no homework and studying...ugh...But it is...So Life is Good as always. Calv and I are just working at the MTC..we are the cutest i know..haha jk.. i look liked the biggest nun everyday for the past year and some. It's hard to pick a wardrobe for that- plus it's hard to look bad for my job...because you are a little supposed to. So anyway...how was Wimbledon? I can't believe you and dad got to go...that's seriously so awesome. Speaking of, I just started tennis lessons with the city...it's halfway interesting. Everyone thinks i'm like a natural and the best one there, but mainly it's because i get the ball over the net more than anyone else...It's a beginning class, but i think i'm the only one that has played another sports so they just all think i'm sooooo good- i kind of get mad because i know i stink...I'm trying to pick a hobby or something to get into this summer...by the way things are going i think it's going to be cleaning. I think i'm going to try and run again...after my marathon i kind of just thought that would be good for the rest of my life- until i got chubby again like six days later-- so calv and i are trying to start some good habits so we can go on cool trips when we are old, instead of me sitting on the couch eating muddy buddies my whole life....which sounds appealing - how sad...well love you mom- i will call you soon, thank you again for my life- it's quite the adventure starting a new journey-

love for always,