Friday, July 9, 2010

Dear Mom,
I am married if you forgot. It's really the best, the most surprising thing actually is that nothing really changed that much. He and i are still best friends and we can just spend all the time we want together... Most time we stay up laughing because we can. Life has new meaning. I really have stopped thinking about myself so much- it's a beautiful thing. I'm learning more things about myself than ever-- and i guess i learned that i like myself. The Lord has blessed me through the eternities. Marriage is hard, but when you are continually sacrificing, your love grows deeper and deeper. The wedding was an amazing celebration- filled with family, friends,love and laughing. I made it a point to step outside of the situation and be an onlooker to my own special day. It was a lovely sight. People coming and celebrating in Our behalf, my new husband winking at me, you and dad crying for joy, and a new love for life. Our honeymoon was hilarious- we laughed our way to the Oregon coast and sat at the beach looking forward to the future. With everything good in plain sight- a love for each other and happiness. Now i'm back- to real, real life i guess-- no more than a party. I have learned that i need to enjoy all of the life in everyday and become who i want to become today. It's not too hard when you really stop thinking about yourself...laugh through the hard times, laugh through the good. I am forever grateful for all the past i had to get me where i am. And i have you and dad to thank the most for that. You are my heroes- forever you are my perfect examples of love, sacrifice and joy. May the Lord bless us in our efforts to be happy and give of ourselves only to find them. Love for always and forever,

Courtney Schramm