Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Hey mom.
Just thinking. mainly about how finals week stinks. I had a really good night today. I reflected a lot. I have reasons to be a very busy girl but i appreciate that I make time to pretend like I don't have a life. That's what i like about me; at the least - I try to be carefree....somethings that distract me from this currently:
1. I work a lot - 20 + / week
2. I go to school full time--sick
3. Oh i just got engaged to my best friend
5. Attempting to plan my wedding
6. intramural basketball (sooooo hott right now) almost semis..
7. trying to stay in shape...woops
8. thinking time for life
9. I eat
10. I sleep

well i guess in trying to make myself carefree...these are really the things that make my life worth caring about eating anyway. I hate betos...but i just discovered i like their horchata on accident. only those 2 times though...not happening anymore. can't wait for this time to pass so i can just breathe a bit ;).. ya right..o well. I like to be busy with good things and friends that care about life and being happy. i don't know where hw fits into that...ew....well i gave a speech in my business class and one of the girls i had critique me on it said mean things to me. Even though she did horrible...i was mad...stayed up practicing for that...i mean theres a way to critique and there's a way to start something....big....relationship ruined....well that's enough complaining for the day...i love you...tell the family to stop crying because they miss me.....

love always