Friday, April 2, 2010

Hey mom,
Missing you. Just a couple of things i noticed today while i was cleaning my room.
1. Being happy is a choice.
2. I like globes-- there's a lot of world out there i have to go to.
3. My bro is probably having a blast in NYC
4. Found money in my napsack
5. DI needs my clothes more than i do.
6. I like the new CD "the world we know"
7. My new candle smells good...
8. I'm thankful for peas
9. I'm thankful for ranch.
10. Girls are mean or something.

I can't believe the fam is still at the beach..those spoiled siblings of mine. Thanks for letting us come visit. Its always good to go and get a taste of reality and then come back to provo. that could be backwards but not in my mind.....anyway...thanks for the stamps, i owe you even more for my life now.....

love always