Sunday, October 18, 2015


Instead of just not posting on my blog because I'm behind, I'll just start at do some pictures dumps of things going on lately! Life has been great. I have been doing some part time photography work again and mostly do event and small business photography and website updates. It's been fun-- to balance out and not get too busy because I'm home with Andie I have some very nice people working with me. It's been great, but do have to make sure to not get too busy because I'll go a bit crazy. Some pics below of some projects. Our routine has been fun. Andie is such a social little girl so I tire her out every day by having a play date or gym or playing at the park. Calv usually goes to the gym after work. I just signed up for a half marathon in December so am starting to get my training under way. Fall has been beautiful here in NC-- the leaves are just about at their peak in the mountains and are just about to change here. We love going on walks and hanging with friends. I just picked up calvin from the airport as he was out our friend's wedding in Cali. Last weekend our bffs John and Sarah came from Philly and we got to spend some time together. We miss them so much here in Charlotte!  We also took a road trip to Memphis for general conference to visit my family. We weren't there very long but we just love spending time with family. Andie and I also took a trip to Boone (also for my photowork) and Aunt K and Schramma came along. It was fun and a perfect escape to visit the mountains and the Blue Ridge Parkway. I will be heading to TX for Halloween to visit Mel and Dean and the kids and am so excited. Any way-- life is so good and we feel so blessed. Andie is 15 months and everyone seems to comment on how busy she is...and yes I agree! She is getting so smart (duh i'm her momma) and we are still working on not climbing the stairs when we say. I think she'll be a big talker just because she already carries on fake conversations and says more words every day. Now that I've done a big dump maybe I can catch up a lot better :)

Got my hair done! still trying to grow it out-- remind me never to cut it again bleh

Hiking at Crowders mountain a couple months ago

 This was in Santa Rosa Beach Floridafor our reunion. It was gorgeous!

I got to take a personal cooking class with my friend here in CLT. It was a blast. 

Calv and I are always trying to find great restaurants around the area. We have a pretty good list going on :)

Pic of my sisters from reunion. I miss them all every day!

I was sponsored with about 6-7 juice places around CLT to do a review of their juices. It was fun!

Of course bakeries are still my favorite thing to photograph


Mast Farm Inn, Boone NC

My friend came with us to some fall activities...It was fun getting some impromptu pics of Andie and I -- I'm usually the one with the camera.
Fall festivities around CLT

dance party mania

I found these pics of calvin from christmas a while back. all for good measure of course. 

christmas three years ago. I miss all these guys!