Wednesday, March 11, 2015

8 months!

Can't believe I'm even writing that Andie Emily is 8 months! She is such a perfect baby! 

A couple of her faves:
1. pulling off and sucking on her socks
2. pulling herself on any and everything
3. Playing with everything that is not an actual toy
4. Facetime with fam!
5. Playing with her carseat ...when she isn't buckled in
6. Bath time!
7. Wiggling and waving and shaking things that make sounds
8. getting tickled-- ok maybe that's my favorite
9. snuggling up with mom
10. she goes in phases of what she says but this week it's "dadda"
11. Sleeping in the car
12. giving the biggest smiles (still just a gummy one)
13. loves bananas and sweet potatoes
14. on the occasion-- watching clifford
15. crawling on the wood-- i swear she is going to just walk one of these days though
16. Reading and chewing books
17. loves swinging at the park
18. All the YMCA babysitters says she is always the best (they probably say that to everyone)

We love this big little girl.