Thursday, July 31, 2014

Andie Emily Schramm

Before I post Andie's birth experience, I just wanted to post an update of the last 3 weeks with her.

She is a beautiful girl with an 'old soul'. Andie peers at us with those cute beady eyes that I love.

I love her button nose and her long "Oh" whimper at the end of a loud cry. I love her long monkey arms and her wrinkled forehead. I love her crooked accidental smiles which as her momma do believe they are never an accident. I love her dimple on her right cheek that matches mine. I love that she falls asleep on her dad's chest after he comes home from work.

The word love is different for me now. Though cliche my love runs deep. It's a love that made me cry at the doctor's office when she only gained an ounce her first week. It's the love that made me jump up and down for joy when she gained over a pound the next...

A new love.

Though my nights are confused with day, my hair unwashed, and my clothes rarely changed...she is my perfect daughter and we are learning about our new lives together. I wouldn't trade this for anything.

Gloves with sleeveless -- a definite fashion statement (although they are just nail guards to me!!)