Saturday, October 12, 2013

Being Away

It has been a very busy couple weeks! We were lucky to be able to meet up with our good friends in DC (before the shutdown :).  It was fun to see our friends Sam and Jenna and laugh and eat around the city.  It was my first time there and I seriously loved it! So green and beautiful-- no skyscrapers. Not to mention I rekindled my love affair with Cafe Rio. 

Last night I got back from a 2 week work trip in Boston.  I recently started working for Liberty Mutual and have really loved it. They took great care of me in an unfamiliar city. It was a very long time to be away from home and I missed my calvin.  I met some great people and got to explore the city.  I met up with some great friends from college as well.  The highlight was going to Walden Pond and taking pictures. It was pretty tiring because I was so busy during the day but I explored just enough.  After wearing business attire for so long I am happily sitting in pj's and fluffy socks on the couch. 

I have another week of work and licensing in Wilmington, NC, which is right where the Lucky Leaf beach house is. I'm pretty lucky to not have to take vacation and spend a week at the beach.  Calvin is here for the weekend which I'm so happy about. We are attached at the hip and it's so hard to be away from him. I'm a baby. My sister is also coming to visit at the end of the week. Such busy times but I feel very blessed.  I missed a Disney Fantasy Cruise with my parents and a couple siblings but that's the real world for ya...

Calvin is enjoying his work at Siemens as well.  He is in his element and loves what he does. It was awesome to come back to charlotte and feel like it was home.  I came home to a beautiful mid 70's October with the leaves starting to change. I love the fall season-- so refreshing!