Thursday, May 16, 2013

momma's home

I've meant to post some pictures from my mother's new home in TN.  She has always had the best taste to making home feel like 'home' with some extra class and personality. Everyone has always commented on her style and some people can be critical of the bright colors and accent furniture-- but boy do I love it all! 

She's got the eye! 

A while back we were talking about something random.  I told her that when I see Calvin across the room, I still get butterflies when he winks or smiles at me-- she nodded her head and smiled a bit and said..."well when you get a little older, you'll have that same feeling for a cute piece of furniture".  The best part is she makes it look so easy.  As some of you know, I just joined the homeowner club.  Let's just say my talents are not so 'evident' as of yet, but hope to join the ranks soon. "Soon" holds a very generalized meaning in this case. 

Below are some shots I took around the home.  'Some' as in-- I have a lot more, but it's just way too hard to pick at this hour! It's all about the details.

I've asked her some pointers and got her opinions on some basic and beginner tricks and how to build up to a more comfortable and complete look (especially on a budget). I'll post that this week as well for my benefit so I can always remember!

It can't be easy being the mother of seven! She offered the world a home where her kids felt comfortable and happy to be there. I couldn't ask for a better mom to look up to.