Saturday, February 16, 2013

he gets me.

I was trying to take a picture last night by the blooms (a beautiful row of pink trees right outside our home). It was midnight and I did whatever I could to get some kind of iphone quality pic of it. Calv made some brussels sprouts for dinner (don't leave those out-- they'll smell exactly like dirty feet, it was weird).

We hung out at the house until 10:oo when I mentioned I thought we were boring, but followed up with 'i like it that way'. Next thing you know we are eating cuatro leches and tres chocalate con churros down the road. Leave it to our sweet teeth (i don't know if that works plural). 

We tried to watch The Walking Dead's newest episode, but with our spotty internet it failed and we didn't feel like going to McDonald's parking lot again to mooch. We took a walk around midnight outside our apartment together. I felt like we were dating again just hanging out in Provo. Flirting away and laughing at nothing. If you ever have met my Calv, he is definitely a charmer. 

I tried to take a serious picture because I read an article about something tragic yesterday and decided we needed more pictures together ( i know i'm crazy).  None of them turned out really good, but when I saw the above I just thought "my buddy ol' pal". Calv laughed. But seriously. I love everything about him. My friend described us as 'being in our own little world'. It was more of a compliment to me because I know exactly what she means. Homebodies that lay at parks, eat food, are horrible text/call backers, and are with each other 24/7.  We'll snap out of our young love sometime.....maybe.

Grateful for this guy that juuuuuuuuust gets me.