Saturday, November 24, 2012


We hung out last Sunday driving around in Fort Mill.  We love exploring here in North Carolina.  We have been house hunting so are always driving around in our free time. 

Here in Memphis for Thanksgiving.  I go a little camera crazy.  It's easy when my mom has made the new house into a way prettier site than even my pinterest home page.  I'm taking notes.

home made goodies all around

our "i'm thankful for..." discussion took about 20 minutes with varying degrees of seriousness.  Love being here, but really missing Jeff, Karlee and Kristen... 

We spent yesterday in Northern Arkansas on a fishing trip to celebrate my dad's birthday. It was awesome.  We passed the time by playing "guess that song" on disney pandora station.  Needless to say I own at that game.  

obviously more pics to come with a tour and some decor points from my momma.

'tis the season!