Sunday, October 28, 2012

on fall.

It's a pretty interesting thing that i'm sitting here at 10:00 on a Saturday night...being happy that i'm just sitting here on a Saturday night.  There is a beautiful feeling that only comes around mid October where everyone knows the
leaves fall down,
    the mugs come out,
       the sweaters zip up.
Here in Charlotte --if you were speaking of necessity-- none of those things would've happened yet because it's really been a 70 degree paradise.

Last weekend we took a day trip to Asheville, NC. it's about a 2 hour drive, but of course we didn't mind with all the fall colors to look at.  It's fun to venture out and discover everything NC has to offer.  We live about a half hour away from 3 lakes...4 or so hours from the beach, 30 minutes from the mountains and about 14 minutes from uptown.  So much going on it's hard to keep up.

We have embraced the fall season with pumpkin soup, pumpkin bread, apple cider, early scenic jogs, caramel apples, family dinners, sweatshirts, old jeans, and late night playlists.

We're looking forward to spending some time with both sides of the family this Thanksgiving season. We keep very busy with work and also our church duties-- Calvin keeps me smiling everyday and is constantly making me laugh even in situations that it isn't appropriate.