Wednesday, March 28, 2012

an update from us.

an update

1. sooo....we both graduate in 3 weeks.  thanks and goodbye.

2. some runs are good...some runs are bad...and although i average about 25 miles a 4 mile run today felt like it was my first time off the couch in a long time. keeps it interesting i guess.  i mean i guess.

3. a good tip for eating out....for those who're going to have to pay to eat healthy. Like fish is more expensive, but it is better than paying with your stomach digesting that hamburger.  monetarily or bodily...i'm going for monetary these days.

4. animal planet is my 'go to' channel. snakes scare the freaks out of me.

5. We're still in the process of the job hunt. calv has been working with the same company as he interned for last summer (siemens engineering) from home. so that has been nice and working with them is a possibility. woot woot charlotte. a couple of the other opportunities will cut it really close to our graduation date, but were excited to see what's next!

6. as for me...i'm busily preparing for an interview that i have at the end of the month in NY. I'm hoping to get a freelance job with Conde Nast--send the vogue magazines my way.  Living there is definitely not our first choice, but well just see how the cards land. so far my biggest stress is picking out an outfit. but i feel blessed with getting the opportunity.

7. yay my 23rd b day happened. March 27 was the day and did the world see it go by as fast as i did? hailey got to spend the past week with us and the whole fam drove down to boise to celebrate my b day...well i mean to pick her up. it's always a party with the bronson bunch.

8. speaking of my 23rd birthday. i think i'm 'grown up' where's my drawer of unlimited candy that i always thought i would have...guess i'll work on that.

9. hunger games was totally worth the free ticket i got from my future sis n law.

10. wow i feel so blessed. life has many changes coming up and through them all it's just good to be positive and be myself. so much love from friends, family, and husband. can't wait for the future. now i'll get off my podium.

i decided at age 23 that the best way to live life is to take risks and start doing what makes you happy. why wait--- am i right?? now i'll really start on that candy collection!

love for always,