Thursday, March 1, 2012

let the game begin.

so like i said in a previous post. i'm saving up for a new camera. no don't go all utah on me and think i'm starting up a business. cause i'm not. oh and i'm not defensive either.

taking photos is a funny thing and an amazing thing. you tend to critique everyone else's pictures with pretty strict standards, but then for your own it's like 'ya it may not look that good, but i like it'. so many styles out there that why critique so harshly a captured point in time. i tend to do that, but then realize that people's interpretations are such personal things so why judge... am i right?

i mean i find joy in taking pictures of birds and nature and dark and depressing things which i'm sure all of facebook appreciates lol. who cares.

oh ya and this saving up thing is a slow process. i've been selling some of our valuables (um don't ask what the value of our valuables are) but i feel like i have a wad of money like i used to have with my babysitting money. it looked like a lot of money; and then you count it ---thanks to the 1s 5s and 10s.

it's kind of fun saving for something like that again. secret stashes of cash are so much cooler than in the bank.  cause than you can pull it out and count it again and again like the number is going to change. oh i mean... i don't do that.

i'm probably alone in my principles.

life is amazing!
only 5 more full weeks of classes!
let the game begin.