Monday, March 12, 2012

is it monday?!

Although i love the benefits of daylight saving, as it does what it professes to do... it made for an interesting morning.

The morning after you turn your clocks is relatively easy to get up as I had about 25 reminders on facebook and you just anticipate it...but the monday after?? as in the second day after??? not so good.

this morning, at 7:44, i was calvin's alarm clock and yelled "is it monday?!?" because we both slept through our alarms.  i could hardly believe it. we both stared at each other wasting precious seconds of getting ready before 8. yes 8. 

1 minute to go to the bathroom (plus or minus don't look into it)
2 minutes to decide what to put on from the clothes already on the floor (sorry mom)
2 minutes to retouch my make up..(didn't work)
breakfast? i wish.
1 minute to put the stuff i need into my backpack...
and depending on the day
7 minutes to get to school with a margin of error of 4 minutes depending on selfish school kids such as I.
calvin is nice enough to drop me off at the bottom of the rb stairs. 
3 minutes depending on my huffing and puffing status...

clocked in at 8:00

i am amazing and needless to say i looked like i was going to prom.

to counteract the bad start to the week-- i got in plenty of exercise and enjoyed a warm sunny day. 

now to counteract the good part...i here sit wasting precious seconds getting my persuasive writing paper finished-- all that is running through my head right now is "step away from the chocolate chips"...them fightin' words with my mind, heart, and soul i tell you. 

the only persuasion i seem to be doing right now is waking up at 7:44 for now on. i can't believe i now have that new and unrealistic window of time that will pop into my head every morning.