Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Things have been great. A little too great.
Yesterday I woke up at 8 and went to work and everything felt normal...instead of not normal--in which i've been used to the last 2 weeks. The day felt long and draggged on...i felt like i got so much done in one day. Then i remembered that i did gain about 3 hours on average not sleeping in 'til like 11. ha.

The not-so-normal things are the most exciting. simple right? but really. the fact that the liberating Christmas break is not normal makes it most amazing.

everything is familiar, but crazy! the feeling that is. Holidays that fall on Sunday are usually not the best. (ie halloween, birthdays) but Christmas was great. Nothing can speak straight to my insides much like music, so i was grateful for the ward choir.

The "New Year" vibes have been all around. like make your goals, lose that weight, cook more, read more, etc. etc., yet for some reason i haven't hopped on the wagon like usual. I'm not sure why. i think i'm just a 'in the middle of the year' kind of girl. i like summer. ya let me talk about summer. i miss it. take me back to the days where I walked outside barefoot and later regretted it because of all the wet grass cuttings glued to my legs-->then they itch-->so you jump in the pool--->mom gets mad--> do it again the next day. FREEDOM!

life's a little strange isn't it? moving on, making changes, letting go, giving up, accepting, relying. Time just seems to pass no matter. Everyone expects to get older, but no one really knows what that means. too generic? ok I don't know what it means.

good news! My family is on the move. I mean to Memphis, TN. My dad got a great job and so they're off. They will move in June and they will only take 3 kids with them! wow they're getting old ha. Change is hard, but change is good. have you ever heard that? i'm sure you have. ever gone through it? i'm sure you have. blessings.

Wishing you all a happy and healthy start of the new year. do those things on your wish list. linger long and smile more. wishful thinking is never a bad thing and have you ever noticed your happy after you finish hard things?
- and it's still hard to start them again

what's easy for me is just thinking about everything i wished i did yesterday and do them today. soooo easy right.

some thoughts

*for all the times i never shed hair. i've made up for it the last 2 months.

*the only time i have ever truly felt like 'giving up the ghost' is when there is a chip stuck in my throat.

*Anyone know of classes that teach you how to Christmas wrap properly. needed. all the basics

* last first day of school. good vibes.

*2 week break for christmas and also biggest loser. BL13!!

*I remember when 2012 seemed it was like..."the future" i guess that's just how life goes.

*My family can throw down food like no one's business. and i'm willing to bet on that.
christmas dinner- honeybaked ham, potatoes, buttery rolls and the works
meatball soup
breakfast casserole
peppermint cheesecake factory cheesecake
bakery bagels and cream cheese
chocolate silk pie
cherry pie
6 flavors of ice cream
take out goodwood at the cabin
take out costa vida at the cabin
caramel puff popcorn (2x)
reeses cookies
mozzarella sticks

wow i'll stop. i'm either bragging or making you barf