Friday, December 2, 2011

Festival of Trees

Today marked the 6th year of my beautiful cousin and best friend Emily Reeves passing. We spent the night with her sister and her sweet family who we are close to. The night before Emily passed away they came to the Festival of Trees so I was happy to go with her. More pictures to come!

So many creative things!! it was like pinterest in real life...
that was horrible to say, but I loved being there! it was pretty crowded black friday, but with trees

hey pinterest...have you ever seen this?? i'm afraid to ask
maybe if i had 17 free hours i can make this for my nieces. i'd be their fave.

if i liked barbies i would Love this one

ornaments hanging from a frame...darling

my favorite gingerbread house entitled "THE WAFFLE HOUSE" --beautiful

It felt great to get into the holiday spirit. excited for these fun memories that take place of my finals week stress.

O Holy Night by Josh Groban on Grooveshark