Saturday, August 6, 2011

wow. when has this happened? i can't sleep. After having a pretty mundane day of babysitting, going on a run, knitting, buying a ticket back to slc, going to the pool (i'm sure the list goes on with cooler things), what could possibly be keeping me up. It's not like it's the first day of school tomorrow, my wedding, or a new outfit..but my mind just can't seem to rest.

After looking at the above entry i wrote a week i again have no idea what kept me up. It was probably because I was anxious to spend another day in the sun lol....oh man do i love summer. I have 2 more days left here in NC and all i have to say is that time keeps going by faster and faster. I feel like i have to pack life in or it's going to fly right past me! Calvin has enjoyed his internship at Siemens, but we are ready to get back to school and finish off this last year with a bang. I've enjoyed spending some quality time with my in laws and making some good southern memories...they're different you know. We just got back from the Schramm family reunion at topsail island. I know i mentioned time's been going by quickly but there it moves twice as fast. Calv and I got to hang out with all of his siblings and their families. It's good to have those times because you always realize what relationships really matter.

Ok now i'll get off my podium and say that I got a better tan than last year because i wasn't at work all day missing the sweet sweet familiar rays of sun. it's been great.

There are so called 'inevitable' mistakes of could've should've would'ves...and i've realized your always going to wish you did this or that and i want more to focus on just embracing life as it comes. I want to appreciate every point, turn, and change of my personal history...for every day i guess i'm making it. I don't know what it is these days but i've wanted to freeze time a lot more often then i used to.

The future really is so bright and every day is a gift! I want to be able to remember that more fully ( even when i'm sitting in class again :) ...

Love to all...

again may we look outside ourselves and smile a little bit bigger. the best is yet to come.