Monday, July 25, 2011

good friends.


well...nothing is better than a good weekend with good friends. We headed over to the Schramm beach house for the weekend with our good friends the Gabrielsons. Sunburns all around, I would say it was a pretty successful time...

wouldn't you....

1. out on the beach by 7 30
2. surfin'
3. boogy boardin' (boogie, boogey, ...what the)
4. raftin'
5. swimmin'
6. fishin'
7. tannin'
8. skim boardin'
9. nap time
10. lunchin'
11. drivin'
12. pizza at max's
13. wilmington for ice cream (kilwins...wilmington mud...heaven)
14. pandora spice girl's station
15. a little too much more to add

sure do love hanging with these guys. and sure do love the beach.

reminiscent water and sand

found happy