Thursday, May 5, 2011


Things to know when you are driving across the country:

1. If you are called to become a storm chaser...embrace it.

2. I guess there's a new rule that trucks are now driving on the left lane mooooooooooooove over. you aren't faster than the truck in front of you.

3. Winco Bulk section can go a long way

4. Oogalala Nebraska and Padukah Kentucky. Enough Said.

5. Calvin and I planned on streaming Pandora from our phones the whole way. Never did it occur to us that wyoming and nebraska may not have att internet network close by. I know every christian rock song now. Give me your love for humanity baby.

6. When you are driving through a really bad storm i usually do this..."ok we haven't not right now....or now......ooooorrrrrr ok now....." sooner or later you end up at your destination.

7. It's ok to wear the same clothes for like 3 days.

8. Don't drop any chocolate while driving. Dropped chocolate, melted in 5 hours and next time i got up I had a chocolate stain on my sweatshirt........for 3 days.

9. Accept the people that you find in the gas stations for who they are.

10. Conversation Gas Station girl: The bathroom is out of order?? are you kidding me, why? (no gas station probably for 5 hours).....what's wrong with it? the sink is gone...oh ok i'll deal with that. She thinks i'm nasty. I don't care.

11. You CAN hold it for five more minutes.

12. If your bum starts hurting from sitting...don't worry it will go numb in like 10 hours and then you won't feel it.

13. There are time changes going across the country. We didn't know what the real time was for 3 days. We missed breakfast at the hotels each time. cooooooool. one time we thought we got up early.

14. Worst job is the food getter from the back. You have to turn around a million times and like stand up if what you want is at the bottom of the kooler. you get car sick. and you have to open everything twice. The driver then you. Try and opt out.

15. If you leave on a major holiday like Easter, you may feel like you have no life. That's ok. Stay your course.

16. 36 hours is long enough to text your whole life story.

Glad we made it through the southern storms, glad i can feel my bum again, and glad I got to do that with my bff.