Saturday, March 19, 2011

For the good times

What a great week.
1. It's weird that I don't actually think of a blackberry fruit when I'm referring to my phone. I mean ..they are the same word.
2. Kneaders cheesy Parmesan chips. are you kidding me.
3. Fredette about my bracket and fredette about that 20 bucks already.
4. You know you slept on campus too long when there is different people studying around you then when you fell asleep. I mean people at byu study forever, and apparently i sleep forever.
5. Caution- don't buy Reeses minis without the unwrapping. Those people are smart, smart, smart, smart. They're like pistachios without the shells. dangerous.
6. Kristen. I am sorry for your loss. Brady is in a better place. The MTC will take good care of him.
7. I am such an avid national geographic picture enthusiast, i know long title right. Their pictures of the Japan Tsunami were touching. click below.
8. Communal Biscuits. That's all. It's weird cause i'm not even obsessed with food or anything.
9. Calvin sent me a text a while ago that said "Next week do you want to sleep for 72 hours". Yes. Yes i do.
10. Thank you beyonce for helping me get through my work outs. it was a good switch from mumford and sons that just wanted to make me sit down and stretch. i found myself wishing that i were a boy and the single ladies out there just keep gettin' cooler and cooler.
11. Ellen gave me a laugh this week. and j are the bomb:
12. ok can't handle it? here's another. awesome.

What a good week it will be. The Japan Tsunami put a real perspective on life and how fragile it can be. May we look outside ourselves so we can notice the important things and realize the smallest things matter.

Love for always

Japanese tsunami pics: