Tuesday, February 1, 2011


TLC's "What not To Wear" is changing the world
the new season is fabulous. good job tonight stacey and clinton.
way to hold strong. there are some def toughies out there...I used to be one of them

Fortunately, among my busy week, I have found time to think about important things. Lists are just my way of putting my most meaningful thoughts down. So here we go, a list for the light and hard hearted.

1. I gain weight just by looking at bread.

2. I now know what the word ‘frigid’ means. Can’t handle this cold. I’m going to insist that jeans under skirts are fashionable; I think it will fly at the MTC.

3. I must admit that Ellen Degeneres is just really funny.

4. Biggest Loser, I had to miss you this week. Intramural b ball game. I said “Ref, get this girl off me” too many times for them not call a foul. Like seriously girls, let’s all take a chill pill.

5 Sometimes my getaway to life’s most dramatic moments is opening the pantry and stuffing chocolate in my mouth.

6 Someone smashed into the back of our car at church. At church. At church. At church. They decided to remain anonymous. Let their acts shadow their life forever.

7 Light faded jeans are just not my thing. I just decided that when I looked in the reflection of myself on the jfsb building. Yes I am one of those gaudy ladies that stare at themselves with every reflection in eye’s sight. Yes yes I am.

8 Dreams just won’t ever come true if I don’t try

9 I have a quiz next class and I’m not going to study. Pile on the A’s

10 I want to go on a date with Calvin. We have the best dates, because we make them up. We got a tub of ice cream at Walgreens last week. I know right.