Thursday, February 24, 2011

A great weekend at home calls for some reflection.

1. I love my dad
2. BYU vending machine, so on purpose, stole my vegetable thins. so i bought another. was in a bad mood and didn't want someone to get 2:1.
3. your right advertising...fiberone bran doesn't taste like cardboard. It tastes like dog poop
4. Iron Chef, Biggest Loser, American Idol- thank you for your time this week.
5. Since i didn't have a 4 by 6 index card to take to my test...i just fixed the margins on the paper and printed it out....the testing center wouldn't have it...had to cut it out and tape the paper together...REAL waste of my life.
6. Never going to get the congratulations personal notes coming down the stairs from the testing center. But who knows, I've never looked.
7. I hope kristen does her thang in her auditions in LA- can't believe the woman is 19 on Saturday.
8. Let it be.
9. Working out 4x/week- summer i will welcome you openly in every way. I figured out that the boys that grunt the loudest when working out are the most insecure. After making a scene they look around to make sure people are looking at them. Stink eye given the whole time.
10. 9 year old soccer games....not sure what to say about this. The dad yelling at her daughter every 2 seconds needs to have a 'smile check' from my dad. not cool.
11. Headed to Charlotte, NC this summer- boom baby
12. I'm not a really good pale girl

Feeling very happy this week. Calvin is the best and he makes me feel like i'm worth everything. I smile a lot about that. I need to make more friends this week and look for those that may need one. I'm going to find a new hobby too i decided. It's def. not beading because i'm still not good as that 8 year old in my neighborhood. Also my mind tells me I have no clothes but in reality I do-- i just forget i guess. Maybe it can be actually doing my hair. Well love you mom, thank you for your've got the whole package

Let the games begin

Love for always,