Saturday, January 15, 2011


My only regret about this restaurant is that we didn't go sooner. It's right on university parkway and 100 N. and seriously so tasty. We've been meaning to go, I've peaked in a couple of times and loved their design. I got a salad with roasted apples, chunks of sweet potato and other goodness. They are an organic restaurant and big supporters of Community supported agriculture. If you want to find out more click on their link below. Whatever they do, their food= 10

Go here for all things good:

To top off the night we went to go see the movie 'secretariat' at the dollar theater. Dang, i loved it. Any movie that puts women in a leadership role as the protagonist i usually like, plus i loved Diane Lane's clothes and vintage dresses. Well i thought it was cute and especially for $2. because of our wonderful dinner and dessert, there was no $7 bunch a crunch, popcorn, or sour patch craved at the movie theater. lame heightened prices. But i'm all about the PG these days and i found Secretariat to be inspiring.

Good Morning K Mart Shoppers!

So this is the new year,

and i, in fact, feel very different