Sunday, June 20, 2010

Hey Momma,
Wow this feel sooo weird- headed off to boise tomorrow to get married!!!!!!! wow i cannot believe how fast and slow this day has come. What a crazy time it has been! It was good to go see bliss ( she's one hecka've a gal- she really inspired me to start looking into new business ideas. Well what a life it has been. Just an ending to a new start. I am marrying my best friend and the man of my dreams. I feel so lucky and blessed to be able to call him mine. I have learned the importance of personal meditation and how to keep my independence while still not being able to leave his side. You really do learn about who you really are when you sacrifice and throw your world onto somebody else's. Can't wait for all of the new and to apply the old. What a bitter-sweet time. I'm a young bride and wouldn't have it any other way. I have grown so much and won't stop. A lot of changes, mom-- you have been there the whole way. Just what any girl would want. Thanks for everything. Your love has made me see the woman i can become- because i see it in you. I want you to know that i picked a good man because my dad is my hero. My dad knows me and understands me. My dad often encourages me to reach a little higher. Mom you picked a real winner- and i'm happy to say today that i did too....a hug and a kiss for you, for i am truly blessed.

Love forever and always,